Past Conferences


The sugar dilemma and dental disease, managing the dental needs of an ageing population: Professor Matthew Hopcraft

Rebuilding the cracked and worn tooth. Mechanical considerations in the design of restorations: Dr Graeme Milicich

Medical emergencies in general dental practice: Dr Jeremy Fernando


Dental radiology update: Professor Paul Monsour (Specialist Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist)

Periodontics for the dental team: Dr Susan Wynne (Specialist Orthodontist)

Drugs & alcohol in our community: Mr Jason HarrisonĀ (Nurse Practitioner)

MAY 2010

Minimal Intervention: The change dentistry had to have

Professor Hien Ngo

Professor Ian Meyers

Dr Graham Mount

Patient Communication workshop – Dr June Dunleavy


MAY 2009

Oral and Periodontal Medicine

Associate Professor Camile Farah (Specialist in Oral Medicine)

Professor Saso Ivanovski (Specialist Periodontist)

Impression Technique for Auxiliaries

Dr Mark Lupton (Specialist Orthodontist)


MAY 2008

Which pain is it?? Practical day-to-day prosthodontics, endodontics and periodontics

Associate Professor Alex Moule (Specialist Endodontist)

Associate Professor Chris Peck (Specialist Prosthodontist)

Professor Roley Sussex (Professor of Applied Language Studies – UQ)

Dr Andres Orozco (Specialist Periodontist)


MAY 2007

A clinical comparison of the NobelGuide and MED3D implant placement systems – Drs David Roberts & John Devlin (Specialist Prosthodontist) + Drs Ian Young & Greg Peek (Specialist Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons)

Clinical dental photography – technique and practical course – Mr Michael Shapter (Medical/ dental photographer)


MARCH 2006

CT imaging in dental implant placement & rotational tomography – Dr Paul Monsour (Specialist Oral Radiologist)

JULY 2006

Creating efficient communication and dental teams – Ms Rachael Green (Speech Pathologist & Communication Consultant)


APRIL 2005

Crown and bridge tooth replacement – Dr Brian Fitzpatrick(Specialist Prosthodontist)

Legal implications for dental practice – Dr Thomas Boland (Dentist & Legal Advocate to the NSW Dental Board)


Endodontics update: use of rotary endodontic instruments – Dr Glen Weston (Specialist Endodontist)