About Us

What we stand for?

Quality, ethical dental care

We take quality dental care in Australia, particularly Queensland, for granted but that standard we expect has only been achieved and maintained through decades of dedication from the ADA both at a local, state and national level. To find out more about the ADA, its role as a national body and professional charter please visit www.ada.org.au

Continuing local education

We recognise the critical requirement to stay abreast of advances for dental and general health care and the many quality conferences offered throughout Queensland and Australia. To expose members to respected researchers and clinical experts in the field we provide conferences locally but recognise our local courses compliment those offered by the ADA and other highly regarded organisations.

Addressing local dental issues

Dental issues are often unique to an area, these might include workforce, water fluoridation, dental care for the elderly or ethical conduct. We have members actively participating in local planning groups investigating and improving these areas for current and future generations.

Supporting the local community

As a collective professional body, our Sub Branch support the local community through financial and other donations. While we’re active in following dental issues, we recognise the importance of supporting local community-based groups that may be less fortunate than others.

President – Dr Kelly-Anne Waters

Secretary – Dr Phoebe Fernando

Treasuer – Dr Mark Lupton

ADAQ Council Representative – Dr Paul Mickenbecker